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    Editorial Board

    Michael Sabia
    Division Head
    Cooper Medical School or Rowan University

    As the Division Head I oversee a group of physicians, APNs, Residents, Fellows, and Office staff at the Cooper Pain Management Center. I started an ACGME-accredited Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine Fellowship Program here at Cooper where Residents can receive the proper training to become a Board Certified Pain Medicine Physician. This ACGME Accreditation ensues that we treat all types of pain and perform all of the state of the art interventional pain management procedures offered in modern medicine.

    Research Interest: Chronic Pain


    Grants: Grant Support:

    Pain Medicine Multidisciplinary Fellowship Medtronic’s Grant 7/2015
    Pain Medicine Multidisciplinary Fellowship Medtronic’s Grant 7/2016

    HRSA Supplement Grant on Opioid Training / Opioid & Substance Use Curriculum
    Consuelo Cagande MD, Kate Baston MD, Michael Sabia MD, Karim Sedky MD 7/2017

    Pain Medicine Multidisciplinary Fellowship Medtronic’s Grant 7/2017

    CMSRU-Coriell-Cooper Pharmacogenomics Grant Co-PI Michael Sabia MD, Kaitlyn Baston MD 4/2018
    $3,000,000.00 Annually 3 year duration

    List of Publications: 

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    2.    Sabia M, Hirsh, RA, Wainer, IW, Cooper N, Domsky R, Goldberg ME. Advances in Translational Neuropathic Research: Example of Enantioselective Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Ketamine-induced Pain Relief in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Curr Pain Headache Rep. 2011; 15:207-214.
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    14.    Smith, D, Patel, R, Hunter, K, Sabia, M, Ganguly, K, Sehdev, J, Lipetskai, L, Assessing the Efficacy of Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block as a Possible Treatment Option for Bladder Pain. Austin Pain and Relief Austin Publishing Group. 2021; 3(1):

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    David D Nguyen
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Anesthesiology
    Texas A&M Health Science Center

    Dr. Nguyen is Board Certified in Anesthesiology with Fellowship training in Interventional Pain Management and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.

    Dr. Nguyen completed his medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas (USA), and then completed his Emergency Medicine residency at The University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center. He gained extensive training and benefited from practicing in both private and academic hospitals.

    Dr. Nguyen served as an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. He pursued further training with a second residency in Anesthesiology at The University of Texas Medical Branch and expanded his skills set with an Interventional Pain Management fellowship at Texas A&M Health Sciences Center (Scott & White Hospital) in Temple, Texas.  He currently is an Assistant Professor of Pain Management (Department of Anesthesiology) at Texas A&M Health Sciences Center.

    Research Interest:

    Chronic pain, acute pain, trauma, interventional pain management, spinal cord stimulation, pain pumps, neuropathic pain, somatic pain, nerve blocks
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    Sayed K Ali
    Associate Professor
    College of Medicine
    University of Central Florida

    Biography: Dr. Sayed K. Ali currently serves as faculty in internal medicine and palliative care at the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center, Florida.  He is an associate professor at the University of Central Florida, School of Medicine and the site director for the internal medicine residency program at the Orlando VA.  Dr. Ali is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

    Dr. Ali is currently in the US Army Reserves.  During his active duty time, he served in Iraq as a Battalion Surgeon in 2007-2008 and the Chief of Medicine at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait in 2013.  He has a highly decorated military veteran and some his awards include a Bronze Star and a Combat Medical Badge. In addition to teaching the internal medicine house-staff and working on various peer reviewed publications, he has a special interest in arts in medicine.

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    James Russell Griffiths
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    Barnsley Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Research Interest: Emergency Medicine.

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    Matthew J Allsop
    Research Fellow
    Academic Unit of Palliative Care
    Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

    Research Interest: Palliative care, pain management, technology, mHealth, eHealth, user involvement, health economics

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    Roberto Antonucci
    Department of Pediatrics
    University of Sassari

    Research Interest: Perinatology, Neonatology, Perinatal Respiratory Medicine, Neonatal Pharmacology, Metabolomics in Neonatology and Pediatrics.

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    Borja mugabure Bujedo
    Senior Researcher
    Division of Pain Medicine
    University of the Basque Country

    • Dr. Borja Mugabure Bujedo was born on October 5th, 1965, in the city of San Sebastian, Spain. He was graduated in Medicine at University from Basque Country (UPV-EHU) Leioa/Bilbao, Spain 1991. He got married at San Sebastian, on October 21th, 1995. He got the academic degree in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at Donostia University Hospital, San Sebastian, Spain, 1997. His actual work is placed at Donostia University Hospital into the Anesthesiology, Clinical Care & Pain Medicine Service. He became the leader doctor from the Acute Pain Unit in 2006 and a member of the Chronic Pain Group since 2010.

    Research Interest: Pain medicine, Opioid analgesics, Multimodal Postoperative analgesia, Chonic pain management.

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    Eduardo Januzzi
    Orofacial Pain/Temporomandibular disorders and Implantology
    University Centre of Sete Lagoas

    Biography: Dr. Eduardo Januzzi has a PhD on Evidence-based Health and a Master’s degree on TMJ and Orofacial Pain (Paulista Medical School - UNIFESP (SP-Brazil). He is certificated as a specialist in: TMJ and Orofacial Pain (CFO – Brazil); Dental Prosthesis and Periodontics (APCD – Bauru – SP – Brazil); and Evidence-based Health (Sirio Libanês Hospital – SP – Brazil). He has also done an Extension Course in Orofacial Pain, TMJ and Occlusion (UMD- New Jersey – USA)   . He is currently the Coordinator of the Post-graduation courses in Orofacial Pain/Temporomandibular disorders and Implantology at Ciodonto Faculty (Belo Horizonte – MG - Brazil). He is a scientific advisor of Signo Vinces (Dental Implant Systems – Brazil and Europe) and a member of the following committees: ITI; IASP (International Academy for Study of Pain); and Committee of Orofacial Pain of the Brazilian Cephalea Society, Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Clinical Anesthesiology and Editorial Board Member of  Journal of Anesthesia & Perioperative Management, Editorial Board Member of  Journal of SciTz Dentistry: Research & Therapy Management.He has translated to Portuguese, and revised the book ““Clinical Management of TMD and OFP” by Richard A. Pertes and Sheldon G. Gross and has published scientific papers in either national or international scientific journals. Dr. Januzzi is also a Lecturer, in Brazil and abroad.

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