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Spices tropical-traditional-bio-medicines (STTBM) protect public health

Subhas Chandra Datta1,2*

1PhD, Department of Zoology, Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal, India
2Headmaster, Secretary and Researcher, Kanchannagar D N Das High School (HS), West Bengal, India
*Corresponding author: Dr. Subhas Chandra Datta, PhD, Department of Zoology, Visva-Bharati University, C/O- Rajendranath Nag, Bajeprotappur (Katwa Road), Opposite to Entry of SBI, Burdwan Municipality, Bardhaman-713101, Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, E-mail:,
Received: 04 March, 2024 | Accepted: 23 March, 2024 | Published: 25 March, 2024
Keywords: ‘Spices’ tropical-traditional bio-medicines; Protect; Public health

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Datta SC (2024) Spices tropical-traditional-bio-medicines (STTBM) protect public health. Open J Trop Med 8(1): 001-006. DOI: 10.17352/ojtm.000026


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The puzzled scientists are searching for the proper vaccine to vaccinate the whole world against the ‘Future Disease’, and the different bio-pharmaceutical factories may take responsibility as quickly as possible to prepare vaccines. The primary ‘Tropical Traditional Spices Community BioMedicines Extract’ is used to conquer this situation. The main objectives of the current ‘Community Treatments Study’ show some typical individual preventive and therapeutic measures of ‘Community Treatments Study Reports’ of COVID-19 patients treated with high-diluted ‘Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines MT’, prepared by mixing spices; ginger, turmeric, and garlic. The present ‘Spices BioMedicines MT’ has the potential to prevent diseases with no side effects. The present “Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines Protect Future Public Health” OR the “Traditional High-Diluted Spices Community BioMedicines MT Physiology Prevent Future ‘X’ Diseases Improving Herbal Medicine Natural Therapies Wildlife Biodiversity Conservations” that cover the theme “Innovations in Public Health: Navigating a Healthier Future”.


STTBM: Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines; HDSTTBMMT: High-Diluted Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines MT; TTSCBME: Tropical Traditional Spices Community Bio-Medicines Extract; CTSR: Community Treatments Study Reports; CTS: Community Treatments Study; RSV: Respiratory Syncytial Virus


COVID-19 not only disrupts scientific careers around the world by closing the different institutes, parks, sports, and activity classes, achieving effects on physical activity, sedentary behavior, and change in attitude but also the COVID-19 has transformed into coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) OR long-COVID OR new variant and mutant coronavirus-2 OR environment-friendly stability SARS-CoV-2, post COVID acute syndrome OR rare COVID vaccine side effects like unusual clotting, etc [1-5]. In 2019, the first pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, China, COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2, and current ‘Monkeypox’ virus, and new variant BA.4, BA.5 [6-8] and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) has also spread worldwide quickly, badly affecting global public health causing roughly average more than 160,000 deaths per year, and the consequences of ‘long RSV’ are yet to be understood properly [9] and the recent long COVID-19 has high transmission and infection rate with pathogenicity of mutant variant coronavirus causing a serious public health hazards globally, weakening the ability of COVID-19 vaccines to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection or reinfection, neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity and drug toxicity, and the puzzled scientists are searching the proper vaccine to vaccinate the whole world against the ‘Future X-Disease’ or recent unknown COVID-19, and the different bio-pharmaceutical factories may take responsibility as quick as possible to produce hundreds of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine proofing the “From Vaccine Nationalism to Vaccine Equity— Finding a Path Forward” [10-13]. To conquer this situation, the primarily ‘Traditional Spices Community BioMedicines Extract’ is used.

The main objectives of the current ‘Community Treatments Study’ show some typical individual-preventive-and-therapeutic measures of ‘Community Treatments Study Reports’(CTSR) of COVID-19 patients treated with high-diluted ‘Spices Tropical Traditional Biomedicines MT’, prepared by mixing spices; ginger, turmeric, and garlic (Figure 1).

Materials and methods

Methodology of extraction or the herbal extracts of Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines (STTBM)

The high-diluted Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines Extract or MT (Mother Tincture) was prepared from air-dried powdered Ginger, Garlic, and Turmeric (Figure 1) extracted with 90% ethanol, forming crude residue which was diluted in 90% ethanol at 1mg/ml concentration, and prepare the high-diluted Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines MT (HDSTTBMMT) [14-18].

Preparation of treatment drug/Solution

The ‘community treatments’ were done with the ‘Tropical Traditional High-Diluted Spices Community BioMedicines’; Ginger, Garlic, and Turmeric forming the high-diluted ‘Spices Community BioMedicines MT’ dissolving @ 5-10 drops / 50ml-100ml (a half to a full cup) of moderately hot drinking water forming ‘Treatment Drug/Solution’, orally administered @ 3-5 times/day at an interval of 1- 2hrs, against naturally occurring coronavirus infections or re-infections, for 45-60 days, before-symptom onset OR illness onset as a vaccine [14-19].

Participants involved

The participants were the students and guardian communities of the Kanchannagar D N Das High School (HS), 24-Number Ward, Kanchannagar, Burdwan Municipality, Purba Bardhaman District, West Bengal, India [14-19].


Here all the demographic data/information was counted for statistical analysis by the analysis of variance ‘ANOVA’ (p < 0.01) [14-19].

Results and discussion

Effect of Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines MT (STTBMMT)

Table 1 shows the treatment of Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines MT (Figure 1) on the students, guardians, and aged members against the coronavirus 2 / omicron/ RSV of the student community of Kanchannagar, from 20th-March 2020 to 20th-March 2024, and see the infection or re-infection (before and after COVID-19 vaccines) of coronavirus-2 / coronavirus-3/ RSV and all the demographic data were analysis by the analysis of variance, ANOVA (P≤0.01). The average age groups of the community for treatments/individuals, except the last one that is controlled through ordinary (without drug) pure drinking water as control, were; I-Veteran: (60-99), II-Young: (20-59), and III-Adolescent: (1-19).

The ex-students visiting and counting randomly in Kanchannagar were the average number of; 739 families, 1698 family members, 10 active COVID-19 flue patients, 803 COVID-19 passive patients, 803 home quarantine, and 810 patient recoveries from COVID-19 flue. Out of an average number of 813 positive COVID-19 patients, an average number of 10 patients are admitted to the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Bardhaman, an average number of 810 patients (99.63%) recovered from COVID-19, and an average number of 3 patients died due to senior ‘Veteran’ (60-99) aged and comorbid, heart and a diabetic patient with ‘Multisystem-Inflammatory-Syndrome (MIS-C)’, and no mortality occurred below 60 middle age ‘Young’, ‘adolescent’ and children age group (Table 1).

Control participants

In the Kanchannagar Ward, the 20 healthy families with 108 members from 1 year to 99 years, did not follow the ‘Control Drug’ schedule, and they were considered as ‘Control Family’ where 10% were active symptomatic COVID-19 with 2% mortality of the comorbidity-patients, and the 32% were suffering from mild-COVID-19 and the rest 58% were asymptomatic from Long-COVID-19 with the flue. And 98% were cured after taking antibiotics medicines with cover doses advised by specialist doctors (Table 1).


It is remarkable that most of the infected people of Kanchannagar Ward would be developed asymptomatic or mild to moderate illnesses, and would be totally recovered after home quarantine or hospitalization within the same period from 20th March 2020 to 20th March 2024 (Table 1), and the most common symptoms were: fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell, and the less similar symptoms were: sore throat, headache, aches, and pains, diarrhea, a rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes, red or irritated eyes, following the COVID -19 flue status of different areas of the country.

The ex-students visiting and counting randomly in Kanchannagar were the average number of; 739 families, 1698 family members, 10 active COVID-19 flue patients, 803 COVID-19 passive patients, 803 home quarantine, and 810 patient recoveries from COVID-19 flue. Out of an average number of 813 positive COVID-19 patients, an average number of 10 patients are admitted to the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Bardhaman, an average number of 810 patients (99.63%) recovered from COVID-19, and an average number of 3 patients died due to senior ‘Veteran’ (60-99) aged and comorbid, heart and a diabetic patient with ‘Multisystem-Inflammatory-Syndrome (MIS-C)’, and no mortality occurred below 60 middle age ‘Young’, ‘adolescent’ and children age group (Table 1).

It also focuses that the last COVID wave was the fastest transmissible and infective but less detrimental in all respects of the treatment/control groups (Table 1). Among the different participant age groups of clinical -‘STTBMMT’-treatments, were more effective than control or natural control, though, in all ages of treatments, a total average of more than 99.99% or total recovery, and no mortality occurred due to COVID-19 flue (Table 1).

The present orally administered ‘STTBMMT-Physiology’ (Figure 1)are potential to control diseases by boosting natural immunity against coronavirus-2/3 or RSV with no side effects among the students and community though all are vaccinated (Figure 2).


In the present treatment (Table 1), the ‘Spices Community Biomedicines MT’ (Figure 1) treatments of all the age groups (1 year to 99 years) in family/community (Figure 2) against COVID-19 flue/RSV observed the more or less total recovery even in home quarantine due to treatment with the preventive–‘Spices Community Biomedicines MT’ (Figure 1) against COVID-19, because this ‘STTBMMT’ contains different active effective phytoconstituents/bioactive compounds that provide booster immunity / hard immunity/ innate immunity preventing not only ‘Omicron-flue RSV-……..Like-Any-New-Variants’ [1,3,6,7,9] but also many diseases like; analgesic, diuretic, antifungal, vermifuge, antiulcer, laxative, antiviral, asthma, ulcers, diarrhea, swelling of the mouth or throat, and high cholesterol and hypertension, hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities [14-19]. So, all the participants (1 year to 99 years) ‘In STTBMMT’-treatment groups, showed more than 99.99% - total recovery only in-home isolation or home quarantines that were active/ passive infection /reinfection occurred after preventive-–‘STTBMMT’. It may develop the blueprint with the help of ‘Ex-Students etc., for potential diagnostics, booster vaccines, and therapeutics against novel coronavirus-2/-3/RSV/omicron/ future disease [14-19].

It was interesting that the highest passive infection/reinfection was due to the potential effects of preventive–‘Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines’. So the very potential old common traditional cheap/cost-effective, nontoxic/side-effect free, environment-friendly, easily preparable, easily manufacturable, equitable, marketable, easily available, easily applicable, and suppliable, the best quality nanoparticles “BioMedical Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines at Low Doses, Preventing/Controlling ‘Neurotoxicity, Immunotoxicity and Drug Toxicity’, and forming the “Vaccine-Nationalism-to-Vaccine-Equity— Finding a Path-Forward”, that will resist COVID vaccine hesitancy against new variants, the ‘Omicron/RSV/Flue Like-Any-New-Variants’ which has long been recognized as a problem in high- and middle-income nations of the world’s poorest countries, lack of access to vaccines [14-19]. So, the –‘STTBM’ may be ‘Preventive-Natural-Gifts for the all’ [20] and “Only ‘Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines’ Innovations Can Steady Reopen Different Institutions Immunization Against ‘Future Diseases’: Advanced Scientific Community Global-Health Ecology Agriculture Environment Science Technology Communication Applications Socio-Economy” [18,19,21].

The immunization effects of ‘STTBM’ (Figure 1) against COVID-19 flue among different communities (Figure 2) Burdwan Municipality, from 20th -March 2020 to 20th-March2024, and observation of the infection/re-infection before and after COVID-19 vaccines of coronavirus-2 /-3/RSV (Table 1), were very high because out of 98.53% home quarantine-patients, and 99.63% recovered from COVID-19 up-to-date, and 0.36% COVID-19 patients mortality occurred in the Burdwan Municipality due to comorbid, heart and a diabetic patient with ‘Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C)’ [9,18,19,21,22]. Currently, it is observed that the ‘Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines’ act like wild bats, natural reservoirs of similar kinds of coronaviruses [23,24] and they serve as asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 disease which causes virus pathogens in humans with other mammals, that have diverse ecological niches colonizing most of the planet, SARS-CoV-2 found in a cave in Laos yield new clues about the pandemic’s origins [25] that were infected with viruses up to 96.8% identical in genetic sequence to SARS-CoV-2 through bat anal swabs, and the SARS-CoV-2 of bats use its surface protein, spike, to dock onto human cellular receptors known as angiotensin-converting enzyme 2(ACE2) and initiate an infection, and the ‘Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence also’ [26]. And the ‘STTBM’ can resist coronaviruses/RSV/Flue holds substantial promise not just for infections with SARS-CoV-2, but will “better prepare us for the following epidemic or pandemic”, though bats can infect one another with SARS-CoV-2 they show no clinical effects nor show the identical issues within the lungs that impact humans so badly, and ‘STTBM’ and wild animals may help in the immunomodulatory treatment strategy for COVID-19 against humans by the immunopathology of SARS-CoV-2 infection [27] providing pivotal guidance to researchers and clinicians developing and administering potentially life-saving immunomodulatory therapies and treatments, and the decisions making therapeutic for selecting the essential potential immunotherapeutic agents and timing for application to prevent morbidity and mortality of COVID-19, and also the science immunology are responsible of bats’ responses to SARS-CoV-2 which can be the key factors for the “How and When to Best Use the Existing Therapies for COVID-19 [28] for the Develop of New Clinical Treatments by Using Low Doses ‘STTBM’”, and also the way the virus that has caused this pandemic wreaks havoc on the human system, and there remains an urgent “need for effective therapies, a minimum of partly because of the emergence of mutations” [29], and it will be understandable for ‘owls and bats resist COVID-19 could inform human treatments’ [30].

So, this notable clinical case report reviewed, observed, and confirmed, “The Special Remarkable Reports Efficacy of the ‘‘STTBM’’ at low doses, against naturally occurring coronavirus infections or re-infections of COVID-19 among the individual, family, and different communities of the Kanchannagar, Burdwan Municipality, Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. It is interesting that all the clinical treatments with the ‘‘STTBM’’ regularly, do not affect any infectious diseases like ‘Omicron...….. Like Any NewMutant-Variants’, or even any ordinary disease also, ‘STTBM’ may act as a “Rapid Response Model of SARS-CoV-2/RSV Transmission for Future Epidemic” without the use of antibiotics with cover doses, because antibiotic use in children below (<) 2 years of age is associated with lower vaccine-induced antibody levels to several vaccines [14-21,31-33].

It also might be confirmed again ‘Omicron or other viral diseases’ from the ‘Clinical Case Reports Study’ with the ‘STTBM-Physiology’, should be focused on the novel and significant ideas for the ‘Future’ distributing equally and preventing shortfalls and global crisis [34] and oath ourselves “Vaccine equity: there is no time to waste” [35].

Future prospects

The present “Spices Tropical Traditional Biomedicines (STTBM) Protect Future Public Health” OR the “Traditional High-Diluted Spices Community BioMedicines MT Physiology (Figures 1,2, Table 1) Prevent Future ‘X’ Diseases Improving Herbal Medicine Natural Therapies Wildlife Biodiversity Conservations” [24-27,36]. The high-diluted “Spices Tropical Traditional Biomedicines (STTBM)” may consider the development of new systems methods techniques and drug design discovery specificity formulation innovation of natural science, and provide sharing and learning about the latest research on ‘Traditional BioMedicines Physiology’ and other relevant fields of ‘Medical and Health Sciences, and it is warmly welcomed to join the “Global Summit on Public Health ” to improve the insight on the latest research in natural science as well as save the world [14-21].

Shortly, ‘Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines’ can be used as different high-diluted or ultra-high-diluted forms of ‘STTBM-Physiology’ for the ‘Future Nationalized Universal Preventive Emergency Pandemic/Epidemic-Vaccine against any future chronic diseases with all-round development of socio-economy, society, environment, ecology with the help of machine learning or artificial intelligence like the “Precision medicine in the era of artificial intelligence: implications in chronic disease management”, and no need to ‘Bio-Medical Waste Management’ during COVID-19 pandemic, and it also expected to offer impetus for enhancing national disaster preparedness in future, scouting the “Viksit Bharat @2047: Voice of Youth” developing innovative experts, future research, future biodiversity-green environments, preventing future epidemics, agriculture, and future socio-economy, or human health economy, ultimately providing scientific healthcare, and skill development with job facilities where we live is important to ensure proper living conditions for the ‘Future India as well as the ‘Whole World Improving World Policy’ [14-21].


The ‘High-Diluted Spices Tropical Traditional BioMedicines’ proves as “The Most Cost-Effective, Easily Manufacture-able, Easily Applicable, Easily Available, Easily Applicable, Risk-Free, Side Effects Free, Eco-Friendly BioMedicines” that cover the theme “Innovations in Public Health: Navigating a Healthier Future”. It focuses on the latest developments in the field of public health shaping the future landscape of medicine, science, and technology. It helps to unite the leading innovators; experts, researchers, and practitioners around the Whole World sharing groundbreaking research, discussing innovative strategies, and addressing challenges in the realm of future public health with “World Policy Development for Wellbeing for All”.

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