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Anterior Chamber Foldable Phakic Intra Ocular Lens Safety and Efficacy

Purpose: Correction of myopia by implantation of intra ocular lens is a growing surgery. In this study I am trying to assess the visual outcome stability and safety of eyes undergoing Anterior chamber foldable phakic lens implantation (Artiflex) (Ophtec BV, Groningen, The Netherlands) or (veriflex) (AMO,Santa Ana,CA) for myopia unsuitable for LASIK and detection of early and late complications along three years follow up period.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000033

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Cuban Ocular Toxoplasmosis Epidemiology Study (COTES): Clinical Features in 279 Patients from Central Cuba

Purpose: To characterize the clinical features of ocular toxoplasmosis (OT) in Central Cuba.

Methods: A database at a large regional referral center was searched for patients who, from April 1, 2011 to May 31, 2013, had the potential diagnosis of OT. Inclusion criteria were the clinical diagnosis of OT, characterized by focal retinochoroidal inflammation.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000032

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Relationship of Serum HbA1c and Fasting Serum Lipids with Central Macular Thickness in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Background: Diabetic retinopathy, the most common retinal vascular disease, is the leading cause of new-blindness in adults during the third through sixth decades of life.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000031

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Role of Radiation Therapy for Choroidal Hemangioma: A Brief Review

Choroidal hemangioma is an uncommon benign vascular hamartoma. Depending on the extent of the involved choroid, it can be subtyped into circumscribed form that occurs sporadically as an isolated tumor or a diffuse form that occurs in association with Sturge-Weber syndrome.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000030

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Intravitreal Bevacizumab Injection Effect in Exudative Age Related Macular Degeneration

Exudative age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of vision loss of people over the age 60 in the developed countries. The cause is not clear yet, but since Avastin is largely used for the treatment, therefore, this study was conducted to assess the influence of avastin.
Methods: All the 76 patients with exudative age-related macular degeneration came under intravitreal bevacizumab injection by an ophthalmologist with 1/25 mg in 0/05 ml. The second and third injections were repeated one month after the first injection.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000028

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Anterior Segment Characteristics of Keratoconus Eyes Using Scheimpflug-Placido Topography

Purpose: To assess anterior segment parameters of keratoconus (KC) eyes at different stages of the disease using Scheimpflug-placido topography (Sirius, CSO, Italy) in a sample of the southern Egyptian population.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000027

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A Brief Editorial on Clinical Presentation and Treatment of Radiation Retinopathy Following Plaque Brachytherapy of Choroidal Melanoma

Treatment of choroidal melanoma with radiation plaque brachytherapy (Iodine, (I125) avoids enucleation, salvages the globe, preserves the vision, achieves better local tumor control and prevents metastasis [1,2]. However, it can lead to complications such as keratitis, iris neovascularisation, cataract, radiation optic neuropathy, retinopathy, maculopathy and vitreous hemorrhage.

Readmore... DOI: 10.17352/2455-1414.000026


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