Francesco Marotta

ReGenera R&D International for Aging Intervention & San Babila Clinic
Milano, Italy
Journal Associated: Archives of Clinical Gastroenterology Biography:

Dr. Francesco received his MD degree and Specialized in Gastroenterology. He did fellowship in gastroenterology at Chicago University. He was a registrar in gastroenterology at the Groote Schuur Hospital, University of Cape-Town, South Africa. He did Japanese-spoken PhD at the Hirosaki University, Japan. He was granted a Fellowship by the Japanese Ministry of Science at the National Cancer Center, Tokyo, Molecular biology stage at Welcome-Beecham Labs. Visiting professor in gastroenterology, oxidative stress, aging and nutragenomics at major Asian universities and regular Harvard University speaker. . Advisory member of the Center of Life Science, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.  Editor-board member of over 35 medical journals, Editor-in-chief of Intl J Probiotics & Prebiotics. He has received several international prizes, the last being the Genomic Pioneer Award 2009. He is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of the research group ReGenera and Chief in charge of its R&D International branch for Aging Intervention which is working on innovative models of preventive/regenerative medicine from in vitro to clinical trials. He has received several international prizes (last: Genomic Pioneer-2009 and Thomas Edison Award-2014-shared). CMO and chief of Gender Personalised Healthy Aging Unit, San Babila Clinic, Milano, Italy. He has published over 185 papers and presented over 450 communications.

Research Interest: Dr. Francescro research interests are HepatoGastroenterology, Functional food and Nutrigenomics, gut microbiota, stem cells biology, aging mechanisms and longevity studies.

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Number of Publications: 185